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Hyperikon-double-ended-led-tube-installation, title: double-ended-led-installation-guide-new created date: 3/17/2017 4:13:19 pm. Review: hyperikon t8 replacement led 94 cri lamp - duration: 16:03. adrian's digital basement 20,925 views. 16:03. led retrofit tubes for your t8 fluorescent light fixtures - duration: 15:50., hyperikon’s 18w led tube is suitable for different kinds of applications, operates at a fraction of the wattage of fluorescent tubes, while also performing up to 45,000 hours. the installation .... 1) disconnect the power supply to the fixture at the source. do not simply switch off the fixture. 2) remove existing fluorescent tubes and safely set aside. 3) disconnect (cut) wires to ballast leaving enough wire to be tied off with wire nuts. 4) tie off remaining wires attached to ballast with wire nuts. 5) see wiring diagram shown below for ..., input . title: magnetic and bylass installation created date: 3/17/2017 4:21:59 pm.

Hyperikon® double-ended led tube installation guide 6255 ferris square suite a, san diego, ca 92121 usa (888) 846-4973 option 2. double-ended installation without ballast 3. remove ballast/wiring cover 5. connect without ballast according to the diagram below 6. replace wire cover 7. install led tube, for dual-ended direct-wired leds, line is connected to the lampholders at one end of the fixture, neutral at the other end.shunted or non-shunted lampholders can be used with dual-ended led tubes. dual-ended tubes can be reversed in a light fixture just like a fluorescent tube.when using non-shunted lampholders, the wires only need to be connected to one side of the lampholder with most led ....

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