Hydrotherapy-exercises-for-low-back-pain-pdf, hydrotherapy for your back – exercise sheet the aim of this information leaflet is to provide you with exercises for the hydrotherapy pool, as shown to you by your physiotherapist. if you have any questions or concerns, please speak to the physiotherapist caring for you. walking starting position • stand in the pool. action. Water therapy for back pain back pain exercises. warm up, mobilizing exercises. 1. flex, extend, side flex and turn your neck. 2. roll your shoulders forwards, backwards and shrug alternate shoulders. 3. let your arms float on top of the water and stretch them from side to side. 4.with your arms in the water bend over sideways as far as ..., evidence-based systematic review of the effectiveness of hydrotherapy in acute and chronic medical conditions. dr. gordon doig, senior lecturer in intensive care, university of sydney www.evidencebased.net.

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