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Hydrogen-peroxide-hardwood-floors, hardwood floor finishes are more fragile than they appear -- even though you can't damage the finish easily by walking on it, you can dull it by cleaning it with the wrong solvent. hydrogen peroxide isn't one of those, however, and it's an effective stain remover.. Hydrogen peroxide can be an effective stain remover for hardwood floors. still, it needs to be used with caution in order to reap the benefits. always test the area you plan to clean to make sure the peroxide doesn’t bleach your floors, and never clean with peroxide immediately before or after using vinegar., i recently removed 30 year old carpet from hardwood floors. i discovered some spots that were dark black (i am guessing pet stains). i applied hydrogen peroxide to them and after a few treatments, the black stains lifted and the wood was left white. i chemically stripped a 3 x 1 rectangle around the white spots so that application of stain would be even and not spotty..

As a wood floor pro, i get the "pet stains on my wood floor" questions all the time. it's mostly about stains from cats and dogs, but i have been asked about pygmy goats and potbelly pigs peeing on the floors, too., before resorting to sanding, however, start by trying to remove stains from wood floors using standard hydrogen peroxide available at drug stores. here’s how to go about it: soak a cotton rag with hydrogen peroxide. place the wet rag on the stain and allow it to soak in the wood to bleach out the stain..

Urine pet stains on hardwood floors are typically ugly white or black rings. sadly, mopping or scrubbing the rings with regular cleaners does nothing to improve their appearance and may make urine odors more obvious. removing the stains requires an oxidizing and bleaching agent, like hydrogen peroxide., as you restore your old house, you may discover that the previous owners had pets that left their mark on your hardwood floors. the solution to removing pet urine stains is much easier and cheaper than you think.