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Husky-weatherbeater-floor-liners-vs-weathertech, i personally have only ever used husky liners in my vehicles, my parents have always bought weather tech. they are both good brands but my preference is husky. ill explain why in the video, thanks .... Weathertech vs husky liner floor mats. admittedly, weathertech is the more widely known brand for floor mats, but husky offers similar floorboard protection and quality, often at a lower price ..., go check out my new channel for more automotive repair videos: i am comparing weather mats from wea.... If you’ve looked through a car magazine within the past few decades, then you must be aware of weathertech’s existence, and likely have seen its dominance in the market. but then you see that husky liners look every bit as good in pictures, but can are often a little cheaper. so what’s the deal? the […], nature's fury ain't your worry. put nature firmly in its place. the rugged and sporty weatherbeater™ floor liners perfectly conform to the contours of your ride and offer un-beatable carpet protection for whatever nature hurls at you..

I have the husky liners and love them. this was the first time i deviated from weathertech and glad i did. it may be i don't know any better on this vehicle as opposed to my last (tundra) weathertech slipped all over the place on the passenger side., i know this has probably been addressed a million times on here and i have done the research. i thought i had decided on the husky liner x-act.... until i realized that a front pair is currently $119 and the whole set of weathertechs are $69. i was leaning towards husky because i read these things:.

They fit my 4runner much better than my huskies fit my prius. but my brother has weathertechs in his silverado and they will not stay in place like the ones in my 4runner. it depends on the vehicle. for the 4runner i would recommend weathertechs, unless it is an issue to have a hole in the mats for the stock mounting hooks., wt & husky both have good followings....i bought the husky's as i didn't like the slippery hard plastic feel of the wt. 2015 dc with husky xact-contour great fit, easy clean and more of a rubber type material like the oem mats..

Does any one have any suggestions for the floor liners (not mats) for 2012 honda crv. i realize that there are reviews for weathertech on the forum but not for ( i didn't see any) husky weatherbeater liners. i live in chicago and winters are kinda bad here. i need to protect the carpet with no...