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Humidifier-and-heater-on-at-the-same-time, that said, it is confusing -- the dr. sears book says to use warm mist and the american pediatrics academy recommends cool mist. i need to buy one too and am still unsure. one thing about cool mist, there is a concern about minerals being emitted into the air - but the way around that would be to purchase an ultrasonic model with a filter, or to use distilled water.. With this type of device in your home, you can actually keep humidifier and heater on at the same time to enjoy maximum comfort in cold winter months. as this heater humidifier combo unit cost less than two individual units (heater and a humidifier), it is quite easy for your pocket., humidifier and heater on at the same time. is it a good idea? there are many stories about having these two utilities together and many people still wonder whether it's good or bad to have them work together simultaneously. mostly because they both work over humidity and air and it's not a good idea to play with the air since we all rely on it..

Why your heater & humidifier go hand-in-hand during winter kara zorn on february 28, 2014 7 comments even from the comfort of your home, winter can be brutal, thanks to the chilly, dry air that the season brings., humidifier and heater on at the same time. is it actually a good idea to have both of them work at the same time or not? what could possibly be the issue if the devices work simultaneously?