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Huge-floor-standing-mirror, gigantes silver large floor standing mirror. category: mirrors. this impressive large floor standing mirror is a mirror you can’t walk past without noticing. boldly scaled in size, this mirror can be placed against the wall or hung to add a great statement to any spacious room.. Browse our exclusive range of leaner mirrors - from floor-standing mirrors to full length mirrors and from the delicate slim cheval mirrors to beautiful large mirrors., be the fairest of them all with the elizabeth austin nancy oversized mirror - 40w x 78h in. in your space. designed to lean against a wall, this large mirror adds modern charm to any room. its wood frame ensures this piece is strong and durable, making it a great addition to high traffic areas..

Charming apartment in stockholm, sweden. white painted interior with small but cute entryway with cloth hanger, shoe storage and huge floor standing mirror. medium-size l-shaped open plan concept ..., small entrance-way hall decorated with a huge floor standing mirror. modern open floor plan concept with an elegant living room and a simple but charming dining room.. Shop by shape sometimes, only a square, rectangular, round, arched, oval or hexagonal mirror will do. perhaps you’ve some striking wallpaper that needs a complementary wall mirror, a grid of straight lines crying out for a disruptive curve, or have a blank wall just perfect for a huge floor standing mirror., here at the range we have an extensive range of mirrors for you to reflect on. from wall mounted to free standing , and everything in between, we’ve got them all! whether you’re looking to brighten or widen a room, or for a convenient way to complete your stylish wardrobe routine, our seamless selection of distinctive frames and shapes is guaranteed to help enhance your unique décor..

Vintage fleur furniture. 123 likes. i love to make unwanted unloved and useless pieces of furniture into a show piece. furniture as got so mundane everyone as the same characterless pieces !! i do..., the dressing corner design is straight out of pinterest, and this was something that they wanted from the beginning. a huge floor-standing mirror and a red pouf with ornate golden legs — such a pretty installation for a girl’s bedroom. perfect, we say! for happy vibes.

I did this with one of our spare rooms. works very well for us. dh has the wardrobe and chest of drawers in our bedroom. i have a triple pax wardrobe, dressing table, drawers for products and hair styling things and a huge floor standing mirror. easy to take out the drawers and table, if we ever sell, and put bed in there.