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Hub-motor-hall-sensor, most ebike motors have “hall sensors” which help the controller to drive the motor. in another post here we will talk about the practical aspects of motor control and hall sensors. but first, for those of you who are interested in physics, here is a quick blog about how hall sensors work.. Electric bike hub motor - how to replace a hall-effect sensor: brushless motors use electronic controllers instead of brush systems to control the timing and distribution of power to the motor. to do this, some controller systems use hall-effect sensors inside the hub, which track the motor's position. this..., we would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us..

This is a video made by qs motor in high definition, show how to check hall sensor, disassemble motor and change hall sensor, and assmeble motor by hand. it's a pity that it's in chinese, i will ..., thanks to rob (magicsmoke) finch, here's the strategy to testing the hall sensors: wire a pp3 9v battery across the red/blk (pos/neg) and with your dc volt meter measure across blu/blk, yel/blk and grn/blk when you waggle a fridge magnet or whatever over the relevant sensor. the reading should go from high to low or….

Therefore, in order to keep the motor turning, the stator’s magnetic field should change position as the rotor field “catches up” with it. in order to energize the correct stator winding, the rotor position must be known. this is the job of the hall effect sensors—to monitor the rotor’s position., hi all, i have a geared 48v hub motor with 3 power leads and 5 hall sensor leads. how can i check that the motor is in a workable condition? i did the following: