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How-to-tie-a-mattress-to-the-roof-of-your-car, how to move a mattress without professional movers friends, rope, and plastic make the move a cinch. written by. diane schmidt. diane e. schmidt is a moving expert, published author, and freelance writer. she has been writing on topics surrounding moving for over a decade.. I'm helping a friend of mine move, and i'm looking for the best way to secure a full-size (double) mattress to the roof of her car. i did read this previous askme thread, but i'm hoping for a little more advice on the logistics of actually attaching the thing to the roof. we will be driving the mattress through the city, not on the freeway., they can tell you the smartest buy, from car to stroller, camera to crown molding. they have told me how to fix cars, tile floors, drywall, and cook. they show me how to tie a mattress to the roof of your car, how to make a chase lounge, how to roast a pig, how to drive a stick shift.