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How-to-strip-and-wax-vct-tile-floors, how to remove heavy built up wax at the edge of the floor. stripping and waxing vct floor. presented by lamers enterprise.. Vct flooring is an excellent choice for high traffic areas. this is due to its high resilience and durability. the flooring is available in a wide array of patterns, colors and finishes. this makes it one of the most popular for homeowners who want an attractive, functional and durable floor., to strip and wax a floor, start by purchasing a floor finish stripper specifically designed for your flooring. next, mix the stripper with water according to the instructions and mop it over the floor. then, use a squeegee to remove the wax and stripper, soak up the excess liquid with rags, and mop the floor with clean water..

How to wax vinyl composite tile. waxing adds shine to your vinyl composite tile floor. waxing can also make vinyl composite flooring more durable and add years to its life. here are a few steps you can follow to learn how to wax vinyl..., this video shows how to strip and wax vct tile floors in birmingham, al. heaven’s best carpet & rug cleaners cleans more than just carpets.we also clean vct tile and we use the same process as shown in the video..

Old layers of floor finish or wax give your commercially tiled floors a dull scuffed or even an aged look. bring them back to life with our step by step instructions on how to strip a floor., removing excessive finish from vct. have you ever been on one of those stripping jobs… where there was so much sealer or finish on the floor that it seemed nearly impossible to remove? where your pads/brush loaded up with slurry right away and the process took forever? where the job took two to three times longer to complete than normal?.

How to strip and wax vct tile floors category: home release time:2014-10-02 views:130 vinyl composition tile (vct) is an easy-to-install, low-cost and low-maintenance flooring commonly found in commercial buildings., how to strip and wax vct tile floors in birmingham al 5 cleaning hack tips & tricks from heaven’s best carpet cleaners of birmingham al heaven’s best carpet cleaning suggests this cheap & effective cleaning kit for homes in birmingham al remove pet odors from your home in birmingham, al