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How-to-sell-furniture-quickly-uk, auctions are generally the best place for good quality furniture but if the stuff you have isn't that well made (mass produced, flat pack self-assembly type stuff, dfs sofas etc.) you might be better off with small ads like loot, adtrader, fridayad.also you could put an ad in your local paper, newsagents window etc.. 25 things to sell to make a lot of money. 10. bulk buying stores. for regular non-perishable/slow perishable purchases such as toilet paper, cat food, pasta, washing powder and so on, do an epic stocking-up trip to a co-op or equivalent (my mum used to go to a place that restaurants buy from)., these are the charities and networks that can help you to recycle if you have unwanted bit of furniture there are alternatives the tip - or the pavement in front of your terrace.

How to save money fast. want to take control of your money for good? you already know this advice: get out of debt. and we’re totally on board with this plan. but first, you need a starter emergency fund. just $1,000 in the bank provides you with all kinds of financial protection., i would like some advice as dont know the best way to go about this. i am downsizing in the next couple of months and need to sell quite a lot of my furniture, ie light solid oak wall cabinet, sideboard, table and chairs, plus bedroom furniture, and garden stuff, ie plant pots, karcher, petrol strimmer, garden table and chairs.