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How-to-install-pine-clapboard-siding, installing cedar clapboards: when western red cedar clapboards is properly installed and finished, it will give years of trouble-free service and will give your home a character and distinction that other clad-dings cannot achieve.. Lap, clapboard or beveled siding should lap no less than 1 inch and preferably 2 inches. the recommended exposure distances (exposure distance is the amount of siding left exposed to the weather) are 4 inches for 6 inch siding, 8 inches for 10 inch siding and so on, as shown in figure 3., – paul covganka, via email, none. associate editor daniel s. morrison replies: normally, you nail either the top of the siding or the bottom of the siding, but not both. the main reason for nailing the top of the board is to hide the fasteners, but nailing the tops leaves the bottoms a little loose, giving bugs possible entry points..

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