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How-to-hang-tapestry-on-concrete-wall, largely depends on what the tapestry will look like optimally once hung. also bear in mind that concrete has a degree of porosity, it can be dampened with water, which can be hazardous to fabric when in contact. so don’t hang it on an outside wall.... It's time to learn how to hang a tapestry in a dorm room so you're not coming out of pocket for damages to your wall. you already have enough to pay for, so don't make an avoidable mistake and ..., step 5: tie a knot at the end of the rope to hang on the nail. pro tip: remember to leave slack in the rope. decide where you’re going to put the knot on the other side once you see how tight the rope needs to be on the tapestry..

How to hang a wall tapestry. tapestries can be beautiful decorations for rooms and walls that need something a little extra. they can also add texture to walls and dampen noise. even though tapestries cannot break if they fall, they still..., replies to: hanging a tapestry on the dorm wall? #1. kkmama 3041 replies 41 threads senior member. june 2012. can you carefully stitch rings on the back of the tapestry? old curtain rings or even binder rings. then those can be hung on hooks that have the easy to remove adhesive that most colleges permit..

10 easy ways to decorate & organize (with no nail holes) by monica ricci, as a certified professional organizer, i’ve been in thousands of homes and apartments helping my clients take back control of their lives. one theme that always shows up in my work is my advice to look for as many ways as possible to use wall and door space.