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How-to-hang-silver-platters-on-wall, here's an easy way to attach or hang any heavy object on the wall using a french cleat. a heavy object can be hard to figure out how to attach it easily to the wall, but it's easy using a french .... How to hang silver platters on the wall. 1. depending on the size and shape of your plate, use either one or two hooks on the back. for example, here’s what i did to hang the round platter. it took just one hook, note that i used the metal kind {available here} and i flipped the hook backwards from how you’d normally hang it., do you watch fixer upper on hgtv with the darling chip and joanna gaines?it’s our favorite. ryan and i don’t watch much tv together (i don’t know, something about project runway just doesn’t capture his attention like it does mine), but we love being inspired by the makeovers done to the houses on this show. if you haven’t seen it yet, oh my, you should..

Have you seen these plate walls all over blog world? they are so beautiful. i had resisted the urge to do anything about having my own plate wall, until. . . i saw this one over at eclectically vintage. kelly was the inspiration for my own silver platter wall. i love the look of all …, the “thrift store silver platter wall” is right outside our bedroom, so i walk by it probably 20 times a day. it never seems to get old. in fact, i think it’s getting prettier. check out this view from our kitchen… hold it. if you look closely, you may notice some surprises in the mix. can you find them? there’s one that will make you ....

5. how do you know what size to buy for your dish, plate, platter, tile, or other home decor? this is probably the most common question. see our plate hanger sizing chart to determine the size to purchase for your decor. for very large items and items over 7lbs, use two or more plate hangers, and make sure the weight is evenly distributed among the disc hangers.