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How-to-hang-monogram-letters-on-wall, how to hang wooden letters on a wall. wood letters are a fun, creative way to spice up a room, allowing you to add names, words, or even full sentences to your wall. there are a number of different ways to hang the letters up, meaning you.... Here are our top 7 wooden monogram tips & tricks: 1) measure your space. the first tip you need to know is to measure your space. i know, this takes digging out a tape measure from the garage or that one long measuring tape in an old sewing kit and risking life and limb on a ladder. it is worth it., how to hang wall letters with hanging strips. we found the best way to hang wall letters and have to tell the world. the hanging strips for picture frames are a great product for dimensional wall letters. the plastic snap and lock system hangs letters securely, are easy to use, and come off the wall clean and damage free.