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How-to-ground-roof-antenna, how to ground an outdoor antenna. 10 years ago • ask the expert. what is the best way to ground my clearstream4 antenna? should i use coax cable with an integrated separate ground wire, or run a separate wire? if so, what gage wire should i use? (i’m setting it on a tripod mount i purchased from you).. How i grounded my outdoor antenna. published 2015-08-05 by dennis restauro. this post is how i grounded my antenna using the “national electrical code” in the united states. rules may differ from state to state, and in other countries., step #3 – how to properly ground a tv antenna mast using an antenna mast ground clamp , run the other end of the ground wire you connected in step #2 to your antenna mast and secure it tightly. again the clamp you will need will depend on the diameter of your antenna mast..

Properly grounding a television antenna reduces the chance of serious damage to your property in the event of a lightning strike. it also dispels static electricity build-up on the antenna array and the coaxial cable that runs from the antenna to the connected tv equipment inside your home., grounding an tv antenna is not just the law, it is good common sense. because the antenna is usually the highest point on the house, it is highly susceptible to lightning strikes. grounding the mast. the nec requires that the antenna mast and mount be grounded directly..

As a new cord cutter, you might feel a strong temptation to take the do-it-yourself approach to tv antenna installation.that’s great, but always remember to also take the extra time to ground your tv antenna. you might not know that the national electrical code (nec) requires every tv antenna to be grounded., properly grounding a roof antenna. i've looked through the threads on this subject and found the answers confusing. what's the proper way to ground my roof tv antenna and mast? according to this hdtv primer site, i need to attach the antenna to both my main panel and a ground rod..

Coaxial cables help us get everything from television to internet access. a broken cable can disrupt your life and cause frustration due to the downtime involved. knowing how to fix it cuts this time in half. but when a coaxial cable is buried underground, fixing it yourself seems to be impossible., grounding roof top antenna to cee. i'm a bit confused about how to best ground a new rooftop tv antenna. it will be on a tripod at the peak of the roof and near the middle of the house. i've seen it recommended to not run the antenna ground wire through the house but can't find that in the nec..

Yes, you should have a grounding block wired to a ground rod before the antenna wire enters your home. it won't necessarily prevent all damage from a direct lightning strike, but it will help.. nec in the states (nfpa 70) says that if you don't ground the grounding box to the same ground rod that is connected to your breaker box, you need a #6 wire between the ground rods.