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How-to-get-mould-off-roof, to clean mold off a roof, start by putting on rubber gloves, a breathing mask, and goggles to protect yourself from the harsh cleaning chemicals. then, use a long-handled brush to scour the surface of the shingles, and loosen stuck-on mold while it’s dry and brittle.. Roofing how to clean roof tiles cleaning old roof tiles is a quick way to give any house a facelift. discover how to do the cleaning yourself. 02:08. roofing how to install a manhole we show you how to install a manhole in your ceiling to give you access to the roof cavity. 03:36. roofing how to ..., exit mould. make sure you do it early in the morning so you can keep the room ventilated all day. the last time i had to use it to remove heavy mould from the ceiling. had to use 2 bottles and i did not ventilate well and had breathing problems for a whole week after using exit mould.