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How-to-get-mice-from-attic, this is an essential part of the mouse removal from the attic process. third: only after everything is sealed should you bother to trap and remove the mice. set mouse snap traps. they are definitely the best type of trap to use - on the mouse runways in the attic. mice are pretty fearless, and easy to trap.. Getting rid of mice q. does anyone know of anything that repels mice? we have mice in our attic and the exterminator charges high fees to come and distribute chemicals. is there a natural alternative that we could put up there ourselves? thanks! lisa editor's note: we have never considered, mice in the attic ? attic mice, not the kind of visitors you desire? a harmless solution! we have owned our home in the endless mountains for five years, we have lived here for about two. after our 27' by 56' manufactured home was placed on the foundation we quickly learned we had mice in the attic. in fact at first we had them move into the house.