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How-to-get-dried-egg-off-siding, dried egg typically becomes a problem with vinyl siding when your house has been egged by mischievous kids. while this may seem harmless, the egg dries quickly onto the siding, making it very .... The first step in getting rid of egg stains is to remove any pieces of shell so that they don't scratch the surface of the siding material while you're trying to remove the stain. if the egg hasn't dried yet, you'll probably be able to wash away shell and much of the egg residue with a low-pressure stream of warm water., alkaline-based cleaners will get rid of the egg stains more effectively by dissolving the fats in them. formula 409, zep, and simple green are examples of household cleaners that are alkaline based. as with the detergent, put the cleaner in warm water, and gentle scrub the stain. then, rinse the area to get rid of the remaining cleaner and egg..

First, if you know who egged your house, call their parents, and get help with the clean up. spray the siding with some water, and then scrub with a little dawn dish soap and the rinse.