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How-to-frame-a-irregular-hip-roof, re: hip rafter offset i'm not sure about this situation but sometimes you have to shift (offset) a rafter when you deal with irregular hip roofs. this is being done so you can align edges of the hip rafter material with the roof plane i think you come to that "offset" measurement when you do your calculations and you have roof sloping angle.. Re: hip and valley offsets on irregular hip roofs well i wish there was an edit on this board. but i thought i remembered something wrong. you will have to figure it out twice on a roof with hips and valleys. one (hip) offset is, next click on the hip angles button and then click on the hip/valley rafter slope angle text. it will display the framing square usage for the slope angle of the hip rafter, 27.50055°, 6 ¼ / 12. we’ll use the 12” as the rotation point on the framing square and move the other end of the framing square to the edge of the hip rafter material using the 6 ¼” rotation dimension..

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